The Vivi Bench looks like smooth waves in perfect rippling formation. Double Vs form the legs of this bench that your grandchildren will pass to their grandchildren. Painstakingly and perfectly hand-finished by Brazilian craftsmen. Perfect for your garden, poolside, patio or lanai, or a spa dressing room. Slits allow for water drainage.

List: $3,180
17.9″ H  78.2″ W  17.7″ D

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Cumaru wood was nature-made for outdoor use. Its dense interlocked grain ensures beauty and durability, having lasted hundreds of years in applications from home building to musical instruments. No need to treat with preservatives because its natural composition is resistant to fungi, scratches and decay.

Aristeu Pires – The Designer

“My dream is to create products that people want to be around for the rest of their lives.”

Aristeu Pires is an award-winning furniture designer. His furniture pairs contemporary design sensibility with warm, sustainably harvested Brazilian wood. The designs combine form and function, bringing timeless beauty and everyday comfort to enthusiastic clients around the globe. Each hand-finished piece exudes its own personality and charm.

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