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32.9″ H   18.5″ W   20.5″ D   18.9″ SH

There’s something about Tereza. Full of spunk, verve, and brazen determination. Is she named after the Blessed Mother herself – controversial, yet widely admired? No one knows. She’s a simple modern beauty with just a hint of surprise. Her curved backrest offers the faintest curve (you could hardly call it a hug) to stabilize her occupant’s spine just so, and then dips into an unexpected angle before dropping to her hind legs. Front legs, ever so slightly splayed, bring further excitement to this extraordinary chair. Upholstery wraps neatly to the seat’s edges. Appearing to be a standard chair, upon closer look, she exposes an unanticipated twist.

Modern dining chair by Aristeu Pires handcrafted from sustainably harvested Brazilian hardwood features round and tapered legs and splayed front legs.

Residential Gallery

Aristeu Pires – The Designer

“My dream is to create products that people want to be around for the rest of their lives.”

Aristeu Pires is an award-winning furniture designer. His furniture pairs contemporary design sensibility with warm, sustainably harvested Brazilian wood. The designs combine form and function, bringing timeless beauty and everyday comfort to enthusiastic clients around the globe. Each hand-finished piece exudes its own personality and charm.

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