Melissa chair

Melissa chair


Starting List: $840

33.1" H  19.9" W  19.9" D   18.7" SH

Some are wannabes, bent on faking it until they make it. Melissa has a personality so confident, so contented, so sure, she sends most chairs running. Melissa sports just the barest hint of a hammock swinging in the Brazilian forests. It’s only an intimation, the way her seat drops from its large, supportive comforting backrest, and swings into the wide set hind legs. Her confidence comes with an almost secret treat: Each leg is angled in the cutest sort of geometric trick. You’ll catch it in her profile view: wood that twists as if in motion.

Modern chair by Aristeu Pires handcrafted from sustainably harvested Brazilian wood.  Available in solid wood or upholstered backrest.

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