Claudia armchair

Starting List: $1,260

29.3″ H   23.2″ W   20.6″ D    18.3″ SH   26.6″ AH

Like a dreamy peaceful forest, Claudia is the seat into which you might settle in a gentle mossy clearing, a ray of sun spotlighting her wispy lines. She exudes a certain symmetry and formality all at once. Whether flanking an entry table, formal fireplace or even looking all prim and pretty as executive office seating, the Claudia is confident and secure despite her delicate lines. She knows who she is, where she fits and why she exists: the height of form + function. Healthy ego, that Claudia. Elegant, modern, and classy all at once.

Modern dining chair by Aristeu Pires is handcrafted from sustainably harvested Brazilian hardwood wood.

Jequitibá Wood:

Jequitibá Analine Wood:

Louro Freijó Wood:


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