Aurora armchair

Starting List: $1,640

31.4″ H   26.4″ W   23.3″ D    17.8″ SH   26.7″ AH

It’s rare for an artist to complete a masterpiece in a single session with no edits to his final work. The aurora armchair was Aristeu Pires’ moment! He began with a sketchpad and essentially drew this beauty in a single stroke. So satisfied with her look and feel of the “sit,” he did not tweak a single thing from her first prototype. Straight from pad to completion. With wide arms that bend just so at the occupant’s elbow, Aurora was designed to ensure those gathered ‘round the table would relax, all sossego-like, and remain engaged for hours of post-dinner conversation and delight. Don’t offer this seat to a guest with whom you are not content to converse late into the night.

Modern dining chair by Aristeu Pires sculpted in Brazilian wood.

Jequitibá Wood:

Jequitibá Analine Wood:

Louro Freijó Wood:


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