Anita stool

Starting List: $830

counter stool   34.8″ H   16.7″ W   17.7″ D   24″ SH
barstool  40.7″ H   16.7″ W   17.9″ D   29.9″ SH

Anita has a hard-working stamina that is not initially obvious, but lies beneath her sleek surface. Her strong, deft lines enable her capable and playful all at once. Whether hard a work in a coffee shop or bar, pulled up at the kitchen island or breakfast nook, she wins in looks and performance, every time.

Modern upholstered stool by Aristeu Pires, handcrafted from sustainably harvested Brazilian hardwood wood. Ideal for smaller spaces and commercial applications. Available in counter stool and barstool heights.

Jequitibá Wood:

Jequitibá Analine Wood:


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