Dining Collection

The dinner table: where we slow the day and move to deeper connections over food and drink.

Dinnertime in Brazil starts near 8 o’clock, and nothing about it is exact. Folks gather ’round for churasco, slicing off portions of meat as it comes off the barbeque in what may appear to be a disorganized feeding. With no formal start nor end, it is a fluid gathering for talking, laughing, and moving about while serving each other. The table is the center, with food and drinks piled high.

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“I aspire to design products so well-loved
that my grandchildren want them”

Aristeu Pires, designer

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Aristeu Pires

Aristeu Pires is an award-winning furniture designer.

Aristeu Pires furniture pairs contemporary design sensibility with warm Brazilian wood. His pieces combine form and function, bringing timeless beauty and everyday comfort to architecturally significant homes, fine restaurants and executive office settings. Crafted from sustainably harvested wood, each piece has its own personality and Brazilian charm. To own an Aristeu Pires design is to inherit a Brazilian masterpiece.