zyv table

zyv table


Retail price: $2,630 - $8,045

With a nod to the end of the alphabet, the letters ZYV form the base of this sleek table. The four legs angle smartly inward, allowing the diner to pull his chair up with ease and use the table base as a footrest. The legs are designed for maximum comfort for diners seated at the head and foot of this gorgeous piece, ideal for a conference room or formal dining area.

Modern table by Aristeu Pires hand finished from Brazilian wood. Available in wood, glass, or Corian® top.

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Table dimensions: 75cm (30") H
Oval/Pill top:
140x80cm (55.5”x31.5”)
200x100cm (79”x39.5”)
260x120cm (102.5”x47.5”)

Rectangle/Square top:
160x100cm (63”x39.5”)
180x100cm (71”x39.5”)
240x100cm (94.5”x39.5”)
300x100cm (118.5”x39.5”)

Jequitibá Wood:

Jequitibá Analine Wood:

Louro Freijó Wood: