Bailarina side table

Bailarina side table


Retail price: $970 - $1,430

You can picture it as soon as you hear her name: Bailarina is as delicate and stunning as a whirling, twirling forest fairy. Her clear glass top reveals the three strong arms that give this Brazilian ballerina her unique flair. Two feet tall, this gorgeous round table puts her own spin on things. No matter where you place her, she will always remain the center of attention.

Side table by Aristeu Pires with delicate wood frame and clear glass top.

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Table top dimensions:

50cm ø (20” ø)
60cm ø (24” ø)

Jequitibá Wood:

Jequitibá Analine Wood:

Louro Freijó Wood:

Outdoor Wood:

Muiracatiara Wood: